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The best and most convenient way to market your staffing agency is by the use of direct hire employment agencies. These organizations deploy several techniques in pursuit of the required type of staff. These direct hire solutions entail direct placement whereby it involves several levels of investment that vary from the lower level all the way to the level of executives. Another direct hire solution is Priority Professional Group, which entails the process of reducing the gap in the hiring initiatives. Last but not least is Recruitment Process Outsourcing, which is commonly known as RPO. This solution involves complete solutions that transcend across all platforms and levels for long-term needs. These direct hire solutions are majorly deployed by PPG that are an important and successful agency.

Direct hire employment agencies use direct placement due to several outstanding advantages. One of the main benefits of direct placement is the high quality of talent that will be able to be achieved since research is done pertaining the needs and requirements of the organization. Another major advantage boils down to the fact that it is quite fast to hire due to the resources and experience of these agencies. It should also be noted that their consultation and flexibility is at top notch. Priority Professional Group was started by Gail Barger Lannom as a hiring procedure consisting of six steps that include job definition, recruiting, screening, assessment, hiring and finally employee on-boarding. These measures have worked perfectly for Priority Professional Group services and through this they have managed to enjoy several advantages like: highly customization, flexibility and also cost effective. This procedure is a perfect way to attain the most experienced and classified employees. Employees are now starting to understand the importance of work retention.

Direct hire employment agencies deal with a lot of details in general. For instance, PPG deals with the contact center, creative, engineering, law, marketing office and many others. These agencies can be found online and can be contacted through a click of a button. It is very advantageous to use a direct hire employment agency due to several reasons like its common nature. Deploying an employment agency is quite cheap as compared to doing the whole process manually. It is also important to note that more qualified and experienced staff will be deployed by the use of these agencies. Lastly, the recruitment will be done at quite a fast pace due to the advertising tools and the experience by the employment agency.