Getting into the catering industry requires excellent planning and an ambitious marketing plan, since usually, especially in a place like Stamford Connecticut, you will be competing with other Stamford catering services. That’s why you’ll have to offer something unique in the area you plan to work in.

This time, we will give you 7 marketing ideas that can help you promote your catering business in Stamford Connecticut. Read on to find out more!

1. Plan the marketing of your ideas

To do this, the most essential step is to research the market. Actually, it’s easier than it seems. You will need to find out information about your competitors, such as the prices at which they sell their services, and even what types of menus they offer. It may also be a good idea to compile a list of popular events and venues to which you can then offer samples of your products. Along the same lines, you can also investigate possible partnerships with other event services.

2. Pick a good name.

Keep in mind that the name you choose will represent your business for as long as it’s active, so it’s best to look for something that quickly identifies your brand. Today most service searches are done online, so make sure the name you choose is easy to remember and write down.

3. Create an exceptional sample menu.

You can take this menu as your calling card for potential buyers. For this strategy to work, you will have to invite customers to your business to try samples of your products, and you will also have to participate in fairs that your potential buyers attend. Regarding the creation of the sample menu, make sure it is versatile, original and cost-effective to produce.

catering photography4. Invest in photography.

In this type of service, how the products are seen in brochures and websites is very important. Remember that food enters through the eyes. That’s why it’s advisable to hire a professional to take pictures of the food, and even of the company’s employees serving at an event and cooking the dishes. The photos should be of good quality, and should inspire trust.

5. Create a website and maintain an online presence.

As we mentioned before, most services today are hired through the internet, and in Stamford Connecticut this is no exception. As for the website, this will be the first place your potential buyers will look for information about your company, so you should always keep it updated. It is advisable to add sections such as “about us” and the menu. You can also integrate forms in which potential clients can request free quotes.

Regarding what we mentioned about the virtual presence, this is excellent for your website since it is a great tool to be in the first search results of the most common search engines. In order to keep your presence, it is recommended that you register in more than one social network (Instagram is perfect for this type of product) and keep them updated, with photos and blog posts, if possible.

6. Contact corporations in the area.

Keep in mind that many companies, both large and small, often hire Stamford Catering Services for training events, corporate meetings, conferences and large gatherings. To suit their needs, you will need to develop a versatile product with different options, and it may also be an excellent idea to offer incentives, such as discounts for large orders or benefits on future purchases.

7. Review your marketing efforts every

Finally, it never hurts to review everything you do to promote your business. This way, you can repeat those things that work, and cut back on (or stop implementing) those campaigns that haven’t worked. Internet marketing can take a long time to become profitable, so try to do it on your own or ask an employee to help you with this task.

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of marketing strategies you can use to promote your Stamford Catering Services. In this article we have shown you the most important ones, but you should always keep in mind to implement the ideas that best suit your business and the services you offer


There are a lot of dental offices out there, and, as many like offices have come to realize, you need to find new ways to be the best among them. Because, dentists need good marketing strategies too.

The first rule is to have your web site and profiles on the most popular social media, like Facebook and Instagram. You will find the most significant number of patients there.

In that case, you can use some of these useful marketing strategies.

Ask your patients to leave testimonials.

The best ways to spread some right words about your dental office is to ask some of your current patients to leave their testimonials. Your patients can write their testimonies, and then you can post it on your web site, or social media.

Even better is to record a video, with your patient’s testimonials. Digital marketing experts at Salt Lake City Emergency Dentist claim that this is an era of video content. People do not like to read, and they prefer video content if they need some pieces of information, especially when it comes to social media content.

If your office is available 24h a day, then you should find patients who came along in the middle of the night to your office, for emergency intervention. These testimonials will be more noticed. Your future patients will know that they can rely on you in case they have problems with their teeth in the middle of the night.

Free examinations and consultations.

People like free stuff. So, you can organize a Free Teeth Examination Day, for example, once in a year. This event will attract some new patients.

Or even better, you can organize a Giveaway on your Facebook or Instagram profile, and reward a few participants. Ask people to like your page, share some of your posts on their profile or to tag their friend. After they complete these tasks, they will become part of your Giveaway.

This way, you are spreading the word about your office. It is something like a low-cost commercial.

Webinars are also excellent! You can organize a webinar in which you will talk about some useful tips about oral hygiene. People can ask you some questions, and you will respond to them in a live webinar. This way, your future patients can get some free pieces of advice. The webinar is a chance for your patients to meet you, not just as an emergency dentist, but as a person as well.

Fun content: quotes, tips, fun facts, media

Quotes, tips, and fun facts are always engaging content on social media. So you can post some content like this, only make sure that it has to do with teeth and oral hygiene.

Useful tips can be about toothbrush or toothpaste choices, what to do if your gums hurt you, etc. There are a lot of fun facts about teeth, that you can find on the internet, and that you can use for your social media page. You can find some quotes about teeth, too. You only need a few minutes of Google search to find good content material.