In Vancouver Canada, the competition is extremely high among many renovation companies. The marketing behind Vancouver renovation companies needs to be strategic in order to gain a reasonable market share.

Here are some things that The Reno King –  Home Renovations Vancouver do to keep on top of the market.

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Advertising on major publications and magazines on homes and construction is vital, for any renovation company. Magazines that meet these criteria include; Home Decor & Renovations, Westcoast Homes & Design and Home & Living among others. This is strategic as most people reading these magazines are looking to procure renovation services.


Joining an association like The Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association (GVHBA), gives a renovation company more credibility. gvhbaThe benefits of the association to a home renovation company in Vancouver is the opportunity to network in trade shows, members expo’s and other marketing forums facilitated by the Association. Advertising in the association publications and also being among the listings and advertisements in the Contact Membership Directory provided free to members, libraries, consumers, and government officials.


Online websites are used as marketing strategies by renovation companies in Vancouver. The Homestar website allows renovations companies to be listed and reviewed by people who have enjoyed the services. They companies are reviewed on professionalism of re-modelling contractors, quality of renovations, pricing, and general clean-up. Using this media renovation companies with very good reviews can attract more customers.


word of mouthSmaller companies with a low marketing budget can capitalize on word of mouth or referral business. By doing a great job like The Reno King and offer impeccable services affordably, you cause a customer to promote you among their friends. Setting up a company website is also low budget and allows customers to find you easily online. You can also post some of your work as pictures on your website, or other samples to attract more traffic to the website.


Depending on your budget, different methods of outdoor advertisement can be used. From as cheap as handing people fliers, strategically placed posters to huge billboards, a company should use a method that they can afford and which is best suited for their needs.

TV and Radio advertising is very expensive, however it also has a huge impact as there are millions of listeners at a mediatime. The adverts can made to be quite catchy and capture a lot of attention to the business. Current TV shows in Vancouver that would offer a great opportunity for advertising on the W Network include the Love and List it Vancouver show and the Home Renovation reality shows like the Game of Homes.