Like any other business, Android file manager software companies have to do extensive marketing of their applications through different platforms

Here is how companies go about marketing their software.


Social Mediasocial media

A lot of people spend most of their time on social media; Android uses this opportunity to create awareness of the new software or updates.

They create paid advertisement with link to the official website where users can access the file manager software.


Search Engine Optimization

Another successful way the android file manager have managed to market their software is through search engine ranking.

Users searching for specific keywords are able to stumble upon the android file managing software information and links.


Free Downloadfree download

Everyone at one time will appreciate gifts, Android offers free downloads of their software.

Free download attracts new users who in time will pay for the updated version of the file manager.


Bloggers and expert writers

Bloggers have been very instrumental in marketing android file manager software where the blogger or the expert writer reviews the software.

At every blog, the writer is able to create link and back links users are able to click to download and install.


User reviewuser reviews

The file manager companies politely ask the software users to share the information to other internet user.

The information can be conveyed through positive review, share to social media, emails and rate.



File manager companies spend enough cash to create meaningful advertisement to every relevant channel.

They target professional journals as one of the channels. Other channel include complementary software that relate or can efficiently work with their software.


Software Transfer

The file managing software companies make it possible for user to transfer and share the software.

Users are now able to receive the file manager software by sharing using the local network from one android device to another.

By word of mouth and file transfer, the companies will be able to reach a larger population who are prospective customers in the shortest time possible.



Companies create specific websites that only provide information about the file manager software where all the shareholders come together to share ideas, development and new features.

Users are able to search and find the website, which is attractive, and serious enough to create downloads.


Android PlayStore

One of the platforms that android file manager companies have managed to market their file manager software is the android PlayStore.

Ranked among others related software, users are able access, download the file manager software, and share at the same time.

Have you ever wondered how real estate agents price your home? Real estate agents put many factors together before determining the value of your home. They do not rely on a single factor and may compare you home to other mls listings Edmonton based.  It is important to understand these factors so as to know the real value of your home.  Highlighted below are some of the factors that real estate agent consider when rating your home.

price a homeThe Location:
The location of your home plays an important role in the determination of the value of your home. Factors like security of the neighborhood, traffic and nearness to services such as schools, libraries hospitals shopping, cultural facilities, proximity to to recreational facilities, for example; parks and beaches play a big role. Homes that are located in a secure area (low crime rate) near social amenities will be priced higher in comparison with those located in areas with high crime rates, and located far from the above mentioned factors.

Size Of Home:
The second thing thing that real estate agents consider is the size of the home. The larger the home the higher the price. This is determined by the square footage of the property, the number of rooms etc. A two bed roomed house located in a quarter an acre piece of land will definitely cost lower than a three bed roomed house on half an acre piece of land.

This is considering the condition of the house. If the home has molds and requires painting or other structural requirements, it will cost lower. Modern appliances and features in the home like insulated windows, a swimming pool, hot tubs etc in the home will increase its value.

Possible Negatives:
Negatives events like if the home was a scene of a violent crime or fire will be difficult to sell and therefore command a lower the price of the home. The federal law requires that sellers provide such information.In most of the cases the buyer opt out. That explains the low pricing.

Age & Condition:
The age an condition of the home also determine the pricing of the house. New houses are more expensive compared to old ones. The older it gets, the less valuable it becomes. Well kept houses also go for a higher prices compared to to those that require renovations.

They will lower the price of the home because of the high risk of vandalism.

Natural disasters that recur in the area such as earthquakes, wildfires or hurricane can also lower the value your home.

The pricing of this homes will also be determined by the market condition. If the demand is high, the price goes up and vice versa.

As it can be seen from above real estate agents mainly use comparable to determine the price of a home. Homes that are located near social amenities are large and in conditions go for a much higher price than those that are small in size, located in a crime area and not in good conditions. The above factors can help you to understand why homes have different price and how to value a home before buying.