You do not want a visitor to arrive at your house, and leave swearing not to come back since the floors were unclean. If you discover it hard to clean the floor, you need to check out – Premier Laminate and Vinyl Floor Cleaner and choose from the items available.


The Lamanator Coatings Business is the brain behind these products. The company specializes in producing laminate floor cleaners. One product that helps customers have a clean floor is the Lamanator Plus Revitalizer. Works amazingly only not only laminate and vinyl, but also rubber, slate, and hardwood floors.

The miracle cleaner

In any home, you find different types of dirt that make the floor look unsightly. But LamanatorPlus products will certainly minimize the owner’s stress. The cleaner is perfect for eliminating waxes, water, vinegar, paint, factory overspray, Orange Glo, and floor polish.

The results it provides

  • You only need a small solution of the LamanatorPlus, and many modifications are seen in your floor.
  • The laminate floor gets a benefit because it is protected and recovered on the surface area.
  • After cleaning, the product brings back glossy surface areas from the old laminate floors.
  • The laminate cleaner is ideal for use on the surfaces because it helps to seal joints against wetness and liquid spills, hides and fills small scratches, gets rid of scuff marks and deep cleans your floor.
  • Once cleaning is complete, your floor is offered a make over. Since every house has a great deal of traffic from individuals and pet, this laminate floor cleaner gets rid of the prints making it glossy.
  • LamanatorPlus is the perfect cleaner that deals with materials like cork, vinyl, bamboo floor and rubber to make them look new.


Offered in a variety of kits

LamanatorPlus floor cleaner is available in numerous kits that deal with different surface areas.

The Fresh Start Kit is perfect for old and new flooring and helps to remove the installation glue and overspray, hence recovering the brand-new appearances. This 1L kit assists in cleaning Bamboo, hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl and rubber flooring and helps to eliminate oils, particles, glue and wax.

Flooring Restore Kit changes the laminate floor from dull to brilliant, get rid of scratches and scuffs, making it look new.

All kits come with the Two in One mop and Replacement Micro Fiber cloths.

LamanatorPlus laminate floor cleaner is easy to utilize. After cleaning, you can make use of the floors in no time. Your floors should not go a day without it.